-uhhmm- watch watcha doing.
dance , is a thing i dream to pursue .
♥ DANCE, make me go CRAZEHH!

} Xin lin.

PATRICK of ones else:DDDD
im' proud to be a KC-ian.(♥)
I L-O-V-E the milk factory! ♥.
landed on earth on 310596.
totally in LOVE with DANCE❤
sort of stupid,sometimes(:
HYPER-ing is the best way of me hiding my tears.
CRAZY!, is my favourite thing to do!(:
rippers,copy-ers or people who hate me,please leave(:

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My period partner , Kristel ♥.
My best in school , Shuting ♥.
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Date ; Friday, August 7, 2009
Title ;

h-ello once again(:
today gonna blog thoose happy and sad times,
alright SAD things gonna come first,
Firstly, i going to talk about tht CAI lao shi, which PISSED me offfff!-
plus is totally pissed,cann ?
okay it start off w/ we all greeted cai lao shi.
okay, thn she srt to give out papers,my name was the first being called.
thn i was packing my stufff,
thn i wanted to go up and collect my paper...
this happen i put my name infront of her, she doesnt want to give me. -.-
instead of doing tht, she threw the paper on the floor!
what is this RUBISH mann !
thn after tht shuting wanted to ask a question,
thn guess what, the teacher scolded shuting
because she is 'unreasonable'in chinese proverbs ! -.-
WTH is this!
thn after tht i can see tht shuting wanted to cry outtt ):
but thn she did not.soone after,
yuling goota question to ask teacher marh,
thn the teacher scolded yulingh more badly !): thn she cried ):
after tht, there's a crowd gather at my & yuling placediscussing of her s-uper badd attitude.
i also'bu shuang' marh !
you treat me as a what?!! dog, dont dream tht far.
thn she told us to go back to our seating
even though me and yuling is at our seat.thn cai lao shi said.
'what do you all want'
shu ting : heart pounding damn fast thn you just spilt out the words.
'how can you do this to xinlin' (throwing the test paper at her!
but i can hear tht is gentle.
so the teacher keep denying -.-she the whole class was like yeah you did it !
thn, she say oh really? t
hn i say sorry LORH <>
i rather you dont say anything. -.-
not i wanna talk about it tht sorry isnt' sincere,
i am talking about the damn stupid attitude she given me all the while.
so you wanna me say i accept right ?
i was like crying you ask me to say the word 'accept'wth ! is this -.-
oh yeah,
suddenly remeber tht krystal comfort me ;D thank alottt !-
anyway, i continued to she went down w/ her books,on the way she met mrs/mdm linguish -.-thn she look down on us mann! -.-
she tht we are not the tee score 270+ people and not SR nathan grand daughter or what so ever!how can you do say out from your mouth!-
i cannot believe! ):
nvm, after tht we went to write report about this -.- omg, tht time i feel like a bad student ): after this, we went into a speicail room to talk awhile ):
we missed art ):
after tht,
yeah ! omg seriously, i cried for FOUR TIME in a row this week ):
nvm, i am still trying to forget this sad memories ):

happy thing is tht i went to KRYSTAL house for a surprise party ;D
omg tht was super fun :D
it was so cool- tht krystal didnt even know about this surprise.
all the while i thought she knew (:
hhaha thnks to meagan (the planner)z
ann (tht laughable one tht make our whole party funneh)
and.... ME of course larh hahaha (:
hopefully krystal have alots of funn ;D
blogg about this more next time (:
alright takecare,readers!
oh yeah i will blogg up the pics soon ;D