-uhhmm- watch watcha doing.
dance , is a thing i dream to pursue .
♥ DANCE, make me go CRAZEHH!

} Xin lin.

PATRICK of ones else:DDDD
im' proud to be a KC-ian.(♥)
I L-O-V-E the milk factory! ♥.
landed on earth on 310596.
totally in LOVE with DANCE❤
sort of stupid,sometimes(:
HYPER-ing is the best way of me hiding my tears.
CRAZY!, is my favourite thing to do!(:
rippers,copy-ers or people who hate me,please leave(:

I L-O-V-E them {❤}
MY forever milk factory(c),2009 est. ♥
Ah Ting , mascot ♥.
Ah Ying , worshipper ♥.
Ah Vi , vice-president ♥.
Ah Yi(NOT MY AUNT) , secretary ♥.
Ah Li , my dearest production manager ♥.
NANA ! ,our young member ♥.
My elmo & everything , Krystal ♥.
My toothpaste & almost everything , Meagan ♥.
The same rare-laughter as me , Zann ♥.
The one that always pull through with me , DESIREE ♥.
My period partner , Kristel ♥.
My best in school , Shuting ♥.
My dearest friend in school , Jamie ♥.
The go haywire w/ me in school the , Jingyi ♥.
That too cute one , Nafeesah ♥.
OH ! that dont study one , Jinyu ♥.
My class the tomgirl(s) , Sabrina & Chulin ♥.
The school dance senior , Amelia ♥.
i-miss-her the tution friend , Aphia ♥.
The go haywire in tution one , Beatrix ♥.
The dance captain , Camille ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Charlotte ♥.
My ex-tution friend , Cheryl ♥.
That talk very loud one in dance ,Chermain ♥.
dance-mate , Christy ♥.
MY ex-siao siao clique ,Chu wen ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Clara ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Dana ♥.
Class-the-mate , fongting ♥.
MY tiger , Jing yi (dance) ♥.
the silent one , Jodeen ♥.
Together kena scolded one , Joey ♥.
HA, the smiley one , Kristel ♥.
MY far-away friend , Leanne ♥.
The go hatwire w/ me one , Li sha ♥.
The i like to feel her -uhhmm- , Ling yan ♥.
MY gossip w/ me the dance mate , MinZhuang ♥.
dance mate ,Nicolette ♥.
MY BESTTTT , Nisa ♥.
The emo one ,Nora ♥.
Tution crazehh one , Odessa ♥.
the drama one , Ah Sheri ♥.
Dance mate , Shermain ♥.
Sheryl ,dance mate ♥.
i-made-her-angry one ,Vernice ♥.

the milk-factory
Jie ying

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Date ; Sunday, November 30, 2008
Title ;

hahs.... i know i'm stupidd:DDDD
today i am here i to write about 'someone'
he's a totally stupiddd bloody hell guy
he scold mye girlfriend for nothing
i am super disappointedd with him
he thinks that he can anyhow lost temper
stop treating us as your doll laas
pushing us around
so think you can control us forever
so long laas
your body is full of holes:DD
that's is why you shit almost every seconds(((:
therefore you stinks:DD
this is sort of a warning to you if you dont change
you will know.....
sorry i used- alot of badd words on that 'guy'
sooooo sorry i dont mean to spoil mye blog
waste mye saliver on him'
dream on!~
he think he's handsome
but unfortuntely he's is des most ugly guy
in fact, th- whole world most ugly guy :DD
alrights laas.. i will stop scolding that guy
andd forever i will treat him invicible
he is extinct in my life
minzhuang .. dont waste your anger on him
he dont deserve(((;
alright back to my life,yeaD
yesterday was terribleDD:

we got lots of scoldingsD:
which we hatedd okays
we got scolded by that stupidd guy
then all of th- sudden
he says he wants to shit
his butt so small so shit so long
iamsort of angry
iam sorry causedd i wrote mye diary in a angry moodDD:
alrights ... i got to go des already lerhhhhs....
bye girlfiends:DD
see you all later
(maybe posting afterwards)

Date ; Thursday, November 27, 2008
Title ;

i'm muchhh better already[:
thanks to mye girlfriends[:
everybody must work harder alrights(((:
ohhh yarh i just updated one new song;
by David Archuleta-You can
Nice? hahs... i just randomly go imeem(((:
btw i have new girlfriends[:
lingya and bernice(:
they'r super good okay[:
oh yarhhhh , i creating a CHALET!~
for yig 1A/B/C[:
calulatings vote(:
100% must pay money[:
about each of you $(10-20)
not sure th- excat money first but must prepare alrights[:
urmmm 100% after dance examDDD;
first time having' chalet with mye dance girlfriends[:
i wish to sucess((((:
alrights must work hard for dance exam arhhhs[:
urmm i got to go dance bye

Date ; Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Title ;

sorry that mye blog is dead for a few dayDDD;
i'm sorryyyyyyDDDD:
but i will try mye best post every day(:
woah soooo tired dancing we run through every thingDDD;
alot of times (in th- mid of it)
i went to th- yan yi clss (:
sian sia i got solo in th- startingDDD;
t'cher kept scolding meeeeDD:
sort of boredd!~
just dance once andd we went back (:
after going back, lan jie lao shi took over our classDDD;
so tireddDDD:
then after awhile xue ping lao shi took overDDDD;
around 6.30pm (: we went back homeeeee(:
but for me i must go back andd then change then go tution DDDD;
i was totally pisseddd offf.you see
b'cause th- t'cher of mine kept scolding in front of mye class
*sighhh she say i never pass up mye homework , lazy...
then ended up th- whole secondary 1/2 class only me andd another guy got C
for th- psle DDD;
she think i want mehhh DDD:
i want to get 230 lehh
but maybe just mye studying attidute- wrong
maybe i should try another one (:
hopefully mye first year in seconday i pass all mye subject
v' paisehh get so low for mye result lehh DDD;
now mye dream wish is to go a good school
st margetrate (((:
anddd to study vry hard ((:
alrights(: i go to study lerhhs;
bye peeepos(:
andd mye lovely girlfriends(:
hope that jingyi(bff)andd zhiyan(pongebob)
can come back earlier so that i won't be staying so long with that girl!~

Date ; Sunday, November 23, 2008
Title ;

i have let you down'
SORRY!~D: mye parents
i have let you down'
i know you have given all th- best'
but i failed to give you th- result you wantD:
i promised i will defintely work hard
and study hard in secondary 1 '
and also will not let you waste too much money on tution'
i promised you i will promote to express if i can (:
please dont sad alrights?

Date ; Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Title ;

how'r you mye girlfriends?
i miss you all !~
this- week no sister united at allD:
OMG!~tommorrow get result doom day!!!~
wish all th- student taking PSLE good luck(:
today have dance ...D: so darm tired okayy?!
but...when i see all mye girlfriends i wont be tired(:
oh yarh,yesterday have tutuion D:
th- t'cher crazy lerhs,give us compositions,test paper,vocabulay test
my holiday is ruined because of her'
someone please tag and post th- dummies blog pleaseD:
it is going to die already D:
hahs... alright got to go bye;
take care mye gilfriends(:

Date ; Saturday, November 15, 2008
Title ;

this is cute(study!study!study!)
OMG !~this is cute!!!!

hahs... this is cute"i IS cute pandaa"
hahs...(: kira and L !~ ❤
i'm just adding some cute picture of mine(:
because mye blog is so bored without any picture D:
after all th- adding is it better(: (?)

Date ;
Title ;

today th- chingay practice so tiredD:
somemore t'cher if we tomorrow have time can come!~
LOL!i not coming okay(:
hahs...poor devil sis coming (:
t'cher ask us to come on tues-saturday okay?!~
somemore next week have class from mon-friday!~
D: boredd!~ hahs...
today jingyi PHSYCIALLY attack tingjia(:
hahs..... she look pissed-off!~
she kept loking- in th- mirror (th- mirror wants to break)ler
lols....okay SHE's UN-pretty okay(:

Date ; Friday, November 14, 2008
Title ;

yesterday we did not go to bugis because ..
jingyi could not go that's why we did not go to bugis
OMG !~66666 more days i we get back mye resultD:
no more fun D: lols....
then we reached DES ealier th- yan lao shi
want ask to dance chingay !!!!
&& then we have no time for just dance!!D:
thanks to HER!!!~ lols...
devil sister (: thanks for th- beatiful blogskins you find(:
hahas.... th-dummies's blog was created !!! (:
with beautiful colours(:
alrights i got to go bye(:

Date ; Thursday, November 13, 2008
Title ;

so fun yesterday at th- dancingbut then no sister unitedD:
cause th- sijie(chocolate sister) never come
she have th- anniversary thingy(:
we have created a blog four trh- four of us (:
alrights; today me;jingyi;zhiyan;tingjia going to bugis (:
alright i will post later what we had done (:

Date ; Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Title ;

today is th- first and th- last time i graduate from MBS!~D:
saddening... leaving mye primary school):
i will love you /miss you !~
thanks to:
Miss Chan mei Ling(primary1)
Mdm Goh(primary1)
Miss Lim(primary 1)
Miss Lim(primary 2)
Miss Chan Mei Ling(primary2)
Miss Chan Mei Ling(primary3)
Mdm Goh(primary3)
Mr liu(primary4)
Miss Yew birui(primary4)
Mrs Chow(primary4)
Mdm Shaherah(primary5)
Mdm Liang(primary5)
Mr Goh(primary5)
Mrs Yew(primary6)
Mrs Chua(primary6)
Mdm Du(primary6)
Miss Lai(primary6)
Geraldine Ho(best; since primary 1)❤
i cry for you all thanks for thoose good memories you given to me ...
i will definitely come and visit you al again next year 2009,
alright back to today ;
today is gradution day, th- video(s) that mr preston tan made ,
make me cry... i bear my tears infront of my friends (for just a moments);
but then i still cant' bear it any more i then cry silentlyD:
i mahabodhi school!!
alrights, i am alrights(:
take care,all
(i maybe will post later on)(:

Date ;
Title ;

i really have no idea why i created this blog (:
maybe i want to learn how to make blogskins(?)
alrights, good luck to all this year primary6 students(:
for the results(8 more days)!~
i need to go bye, take care all(: