-uhhmm- watch watcha doing.
dance , is a thing i dream to pursue .
♥ DANCE, make me go CRAZEHH!

} Xin lin.

PATRICK of ones else:DDDD
im' proud to be a KC-ian.(♥)
I L-O-V-E the milk factory! ♥.
landed on earth on 310596.
totally in LOVE with DANCE❤
sort of stupid,sometimes(:
HYPER-ing is the best way of me hiding my tears.
CRAZY!, is my favourite thing to do!(:
rippers,copy-ers or people who hate me,please leave(:

I L-O-V-E them {❤}
MY forever milk factory(c),2009 est. ♥
Ah Ting , mascot ♥.
Ah Ying , worshipper ♥.
Ah Vi , vice-president ♥.
Ah Yi(NOT MY AUNT) , secretary ♥.
Ah Li , my dearest production manager ♥.
NANA ! ,our young member ♥.
My elmo & everything , Krystal ♥.
My toothpaste & almost everything , Meagan ♥.
The same rare-laughter as me , Zann ♥.
The one that always pull through with me , DESIREE ♥.
My period partner , Kristel ♥.
My best in school , Shuting ♥.
My dearest friend in school , Jamie ♥.
The go haywire w/ me in school the , Jingyi ♥.
That too cute one , Nafeesah ♥.
OH ! that dont study one , Jinyu ♥.
My class the tomgirl(s) , Sabrina & Chulin ♥.
The school dance senior , Amelia ♥.
i-miss-her the tution friend , Aphia ♥.
The go haywire in tution one , Beatrix ♥.
The dance captain , Camille ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Charlotte ♥.
My ex-tution friend , Cheryl ♥.
That talk very loud one in dance ,Chermain ♥.
dance-mate , Christy ♥.
MY ex-siao siao clique ,Chu wen ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Clara ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Dana ♥.
Class-the-mate , fongting ♥.
MY tiger , Jing yi (dance) ♥.
the silent one , Jodeen ♥.
Together kena scolded one , Joey ♥.
HA, the smiley one , Kristel ♥.
MY far-away friend , Leanne ♥.
The go hatwire w/ me one , Li sha ♥.
The i like to feel her -uhhmm- , Ling yan ♥.
MY gossip w/ me the dance mate , MinZhuang ♥.
dance mate ,Nicolette ♥.
MY BESTTTT , Nisa ♥.
The emo one ,Nora ♥.
Tution crazehh one , Odessa ♥.
the drama one , Ah Sheri ♥.
Dance mate , Shermain ♥.
Sheryl ,dance mate ♥.
i-made-her-angry one ,Vernice ♥.

the milk-factory
Jie ying

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Date ; Thursday, April 2, 2009
Title ;

It's the 35th post of mine (:
in this blog :D.
LOL. (:
hey! people...
i am super worried now D:
as my brother did not answered
our calls from just now til now :(
sigh* hopefully he's alrights.
my mum called him
to ask wheather does he wants tution today;
as he got CCA until 6.00 (?)
hey back to my life in KC today.

there's this girl tht treat me
like a spare tyre ...
like as if i am back to my past.
my past is super sad. :(
and i dont want to happen agn.
but this girl made me so.
last time kept saying why they so bad..
or whatever...
now she's the one doing it on me.
it make no sense.

okay whatever...
life wasnt fun untill dance.
as our dance senior actually
made a prank on our beloved coach.
they are ms wee and mr zaki
this is what they did.
first the fake practice SYF,
thn fake(y), she fell
she acted on crying ...
thn the coach...(ms wee).
was super shocked went over...
before she went over
she quickly put her bags down.
the shocking face made me laugh ..
as i am instructed on camer-ing
the pranks(:
omg.the girl fake cry is so obvious tht she laugh...
thn our president ,amanda fake faint...
ms wee was so shocked.
thn amanda fake(y) throw up a cocokroach
tht was disgusting...
ms wee went behind mr zaki
tht was so loving can D:
then got a girl also went to Mr Zaki there
throw up a cockroach...
tht was sick .
btw the cockroach is made of rubber. (:
can finally we wishes thm a happy belated April fool's Day. !
i seriously started to love my loving CCA;DANCE.
they made me to have passion for dance.

A big thnks for you people. (:
for the sick pranks D: though is funny (:

i love you people ..(:
though half of my day was spoiled by someone.
thnks (:
BYE. i got to go.. (:
LOVE is pasted on my face; before i was gone.