-uhhmm- watch watcha doing.
dance , is a thing i dream to pursue .
♥ DANCE, make me go CRAZEHH!

} Xin lin.

PATRICK of ones else:DDDD
im' proud to be a KC-ian.(♥)
I L-O-V-E the milk factory! ♥.
landed on earth on 310596.
totally in LOVE with DANCE❤
sort of stupid,sometimes(:
HYPER-ing is the best way of me hiding my tears.
CRAZY!, is my favourite thing to do!(:
rippers,copy-ers or people who hate me,please leave(:

I L-O-V-E them {❤}
MY forever milk factory(c),2009 est. ♥
Ah Ting , mascot ♥.
Ah Ying , worshipper ♥.
Ah Vi , vice-president ♥.
Ah Yi(NOT MY AUNT) , secretary ♥.
Ah Li , my dearest production manager ♥.
NANA ! ,our young member ♥.
My elmo & everything , Krystal ♥.
My toothpaste & almost everything , Meagan ♥.
The same rare-laughter as me , Zann ♥.
The one that always pull through with me , DESIREE ♥.
My period partner , Kristel ♥.
My best in school , Shuting ♥.
My dearest friend in school , Jamie ♥.
The go haywire w/ me in school the , Jingyi ♥.
That too cute one , Nafeesah ♥.
OH ! that dont study one , Jinyu ♥.
My class the tomgirl(s) , Sabrina & Chulin ♥.
The school dance senior , Amelia ♥.
i-miss-her the tution friend , Aphia ♥.
The go haywire in tution one , Beatrix ♥.
The dance captain , Camille ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Charlotte ♥.
My ex-tution friend , Cheryl ♥.
That talk very loud one in dance ,Chermain ♥.
dance-mate , Christy ♥.
MY ex-siao siao clique ,Chu wen ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Clara ♥.
One of my best dance friend in school , Dana ♥.
Class-the-mate , fongting ♥.
MY tiger , Jing yi (dance) ♥.
the silent one , Jodeen ♥.
Together kena scolded one , Joey ♥.
HA, the smiley one , Kristel ♥.
MY far-away friend , Leanne ♥.
The go hatwire w/ me one , Li sha ♥.
The i like to feel her -uhhmm- , Ling yan ♥.
MY gossip w/ me the dance mate , MinZhuang ♥.
dance mate ,Nicolette ♥.
MY BESTTTT , Nisa ♥.
The emo one ,Nora ♥.
Tution crazehh one , Odessa ♥.
the drama one , Ah Sheri ♥.
Dance mate , Shermain ♥.
Sheryl ,dance mate ♥.
i-made-her-angry one ,Vernice ♥.

the milk-factory
Jie ying

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Date ; Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Title ;

heylo :D
it was really a longgggg time i ever post a blog hahahah :D
not much of wanting to blog ):
cause yeah busy ahhhh D:
hahahah anyways , my birthday is coming in 5 days time :B
wheeeeheehe :D
okay larhh here to just inform you i not gonna blog that often bye bye :D

Date ; Friday, March 5, 2010
Title ;

Hello,kwek ah lin is not in good mood but feels like blogging.
hello readers and i am trying to putting up a fake smile ;
yeah , so.. today a lot of things happened ): okay let's start with school hours :D

ahhh,i talked to her.(sms-ed in maths class)
feel bad. i almost passed my literature ):
48 is shittyy ): im' suckish ): i got 37th position in class ):
my mum gonna scold me. im a shit crap with no use;
and tends to hurt people.
i, the good for nothing person.
i love drama :D i think that is the only thing i can score well in it ;
which tends to be no use.
why can't i have a subject that i am good at ):
shit me. i tend to look no use.

i was fun with clara leow :D
though she bully me :D
i got scolded by mr zaki ): and he even throwed a pen at me :O
i feel bad cause' i didn't concentrate.
i think i going to dance very little for that dance ):
i wanna dance moreee ! please dance well XIN LIN !
wth am i doing ?-sigh-
this is my life the first time being so down;

what's the problem with you peepos ):
you wanna withdraw myself i disperse everyone in the clique;
you all make no effort in holdo n the clique why should i care that much ?

-sigh- this all my probklem lorhh ):
signing off , xinlin .

Date ; Thursday, February 25, 2010
Title ;

hello peeps!
sortta pissed with me for not doing well in chinese ):
and it's like my first time for failing my chinese test !
im a total failure ): i sucked ):
what kind of shitty marks is this ? and what am i going to do with it ? ):
how am i going to tell my mother ?
and here goes another second underline in my report book ); ]
am i sad or pissed ?
shit me -.- work hard xin lin ?!!?!

but dance totally changed my upsettness :D though is tough (:
but i just love dancing :D -wheeeheee-
i if sad larhh , and please dont make me feel more bad ;
im' so sorry mummy ):
so here's today horoscope :

Daily Horoscope: February 25, 2010
You're feeling the pulse of the city or the community as a whole today and while it might not all be good, you can feel the need for change. It's coming, but maybe not quickly enough for you.
Compatibility: Capricorn
Mood: Hopeful
Lucky Color: Spring Green
Lucky Number: 74
Lucky Time of Day: 7pm

Date ; Friday, February 12, 2010
Title ; i ♥ school !

hahs , a wonderful day indeed :D
it totally ROCKED my world (:
whippeeee :D
hahs , we were camwhoring with alot of people,
i dont really know (hahahahah :D)
but now , we are close :D
just like we never did (:
just love thm happy v' day cum chinese new year :D
alright posting pictures at my facebook go see and tagg :D seeya!

Date ; Saturday, February 6, 2010
Title ; i ♥ photographs

hey peeps :D so longggggg never blog already yeah ):
as what i said , times fly damn fast , people change fast .
so yeahh , exams are coming ! no fear :D
study harder will do ;D
so yeah ,
hmmm , let's see .
i thursday
i friday
i saturday !
though is tired to dance , but i just love dancing !
oh my gosh , :O i wanttttt !-
where to buy arhh ? .___.
never mind i study first yeah blog soon ! see youuuu !

Date ; Saturday, January 16, 2010
Title ; that's what i called L-O-V-E

hello :D it's me , kwek ah lin (:
what a long time never see lerhhs (:
cause i was having fun in camp (:
3 days 2 nights (:
its was totally fun !
ilove desiree !
ilove jamie !
ilove jingyi !
ilove shu ting !
the camp brought us together as a class; but brought me further away to you .
and it finally saw your true colours .
who do you think you are ?
bully shu ting -.-
like wth okay ?
& please don't ask shu ting why everybody is leaving you ,
cause you are the one who is at fault ,
and dont expect people to stay w/ you forever .
do reflect on what you have done larh -.-
and besides all this in the camp , i totally enjoy (:
i found true friends (:
desiree ! she's totally GREAT ilove her to the core
kristel too (: wheehee !
and lots larh ;D cannot name alll too muchh lerh ahahaha (:
desiree just treat me damn well and ...
SAYIDA haha (i think spelled like this)
haha she totally rocks (:
ilove you people mann ! to the core .
i gonna love you people :D
that' what said and please remember [:
alright that's what i wanna say (:

the camp brought our class together , but an exception for you cause it brought us further away from me to you . please go reflect what you have done .

Date ; Friday, January 1, 2010
Title ;

Hello peeps (:

yeah hello once agn (:

curently using my favourite colour (:

wheeheee (:

yeah today is new year :D

yesterday celebrated w/ ah vi and ah ting (:

sadly i was super tired yesterday ...

so i spoiled the whole mood of it .

im' so sorry vivian and ah ting ):

a very sincere apologised . ):

but yeah larh ...

something sad happen

vivian wanna quit DES !

-shocked- yeah lorh ):

i just it was me who forced her to .

but yeah , ah vi , trust me .

you wans't the one i hate .

when dance school re-open , i will tell you who .

PLEASE dont quit ah vi D:

the whole milk factory will be sad ):

please larhh DDDD:

and thn the taiwan things how ? i bought it for you already ):

thn idk who to give now . cause is like package one ....

just for you ; just for the milk factory !
yeah me loves you -heart-